Custom Chain of Office

What is a Custom Made Chain of Office?

A chain of office is a symbol of power and prominence. Made of medals used to symbolize a community or institution, a custom made chain of office is an important piece of public history. Kingpins has made chains of office for communities and institutions likes yours, of all sizes and designs. Your chain of office will be a decorative history book; elements of your municipality's or institution's features are sewn on a velvet collar which frames a medallion. The velvet is an important element of a modern chain of office, this ensures that your custom chain of office will not only look breathtaking, but the chain will also be surprisingly comfortable to wear. Made with your community’s official seal, or your institution's logo a custom chain of office instantly projects an image of importance for chief officials. In addition to creating a new chain of office, we can also repair and clean your existing chain of office.

History of the Chain of Office

Throughout history chains of office have been hung around the necks of the world’s most powerful historic figures. The first documented chain of office was given as a gift by Charles V of France in 1378. This chain was a gift to a prominent member of his kingdom and was to be worn at festivals and events. It did not take long before chains of office were given throughout Europe. Kings would give custom chains of office to their knights, which served a purpose of identification in the kingdom and to allies throughout the land. The tradition of the chain of office eventually spread to local politics, with mayors and other prominent members of the community having their own chain of office. A custom made chain of office is a wonderful way to capture your community’s or institution's history in the form of a decorative collar. Not only does a chain of office bring history alive, it is keepsake that is traditionally passed on to future prominent members of your community or institution.

Sample Chain of Office

How are Custom Chains of Office Produced?

We want to work with you on the design of your custom made chain of office, so we may understand the story of your community or institution and incorporate the most important aspects into your piece. In order to create a custom chain of office that breathes of history and heritage, our industry renowned design staff will work with you to capture your community or institution on your chain of office. We will help you take into elements like style and price to produce a chain of office that is unique for you. A chain of office is often a velvet collar lined with medals, symbolizing features and historical events of your community or institution. These medals are not only used to express your institution's story, but they enhance the significance of the medallion centered on the chain of office. The medallion is often embossed with your community’s or institution's main insignia.

There are a lot of elements needed in order create the perfect custom chain of office. With nearly 40 years in the industry, Kingpins is renowned for creating chains of office that come alive. Our sales people have experience creating all kinds of chains, whether you want one of our standard chains or a truly uniquely designed chain of office, Kingpins is your source.

In addition to creating new chains of office, Kingpins will repair and clean your existing chain of office with an extreme sense of care and respect.

 - Sample Chain of Office -

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